Hi, I am David, Freelancer for UX & UI design from Berlin 👋

Building & improving digital products

I have been designing and improving digital products & online services for over 18 years. Through many projects, founding fotograf.de and a longstanding freelance support of eBay, mobile.de and many more, I gained extensive technical and analytical expertise that helps me to combine requirements and feasibility in a holistic way. I enjoy working on big challenges and can provide you with a huge collection of ideas and best practices.

Recent projects I have been working on

My offer

Workshopsconsultinginterim team lead – with hands-on support in the development and conversion rate optimization of your product or service with a strong focus on user experience – in Berlin or worldwide.

Target group

Product teams of Tech / Software as a Service companies, online Start-Ups and Innovation Hubs of international companies in the areas of digitization and innovation.


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Bringing cross-functional teams together to generate innovative concepts for products & services with extreme growth in mind, is one of the things I enjoy a lot. In these days we draw on whiteboards, brainstorm with post-its, discuss wireframes, create prototypes and do user research – to solve big problems, test new ideas and set the course for new products or improvements.

UI / UX Design

I love to transform new ideas into tangible visual concepts or to rethink how to improve the conversion of the status quo. In the design process, I question how to structure content, create intuitive user interfaces with a state-of-the-art design, hide complexity, improve the wording and think mobile first. I work with style guides, design systems and frequently use these tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, InVision

Usability Testing

During the years, I performed hundreds of user tests. So I will provide you my collection of usability best practices. But of course we should also schedule individual usability tests! Why? Because “you can never be sure until it is tested” Methods: Think aloud protocol, screen recording, guerrilla usability testing and I also used several online services.


In many projects I have developed the front-end. As a stand-alone, working prototype for testing purposes and later as a template for the development department to integrate it into the overall system. I used the Framework Bootstrap a lot an I also have extended experience with PHP, MySQL, JS (jQuery) and master HTML and CSS in my sleep.

Product Management

I worked as a product owner in an agile scrum team for several years. So I know how to cut big projects into smaller pieces, create tickets and formulate user stories or play planning poker to estimate the effort. I am also used to challenge the implementation ideas of the developers or finding compromises. Tools: Jira (with Dev teams), Asana (for project coordination), Trello (personal use)

Analytics & Testing

After the rollout, you probably want to know the results. I usually integrate Google Analytics, but I can also provide you with useful MySQL queries for custom reports. It often make sense to implement A/B Testing to determine which variation performs better – or the NPS for qualitative results. Tools I used: Kissmetrics, Crazyegg, Optimizely, Metabase, Looker, Fullstory.

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