Hi! I am David, UX Designer, Coder, Founder and a passionate photographer.

For more than 15 years, I design, develop and test digital user interfaces, such as (mobile) web applications and responsive websites. In doing so, I always focus on the needs of the users. What do they really want to know or perform, and how can they achieve their goals easily and intuitively? My extensive technical and analytical background knowledge helps me to holistically combine requirements and feasibility.

So if you are planning to develop an innovative solution from scratch or improving the User Experience of your current UI, then you are welcome to book me for your project. I am happy to support you with Ideation, Design Thinking, UI / UX Design, Usability Best Practices, Product Management, Prototyping incl. Frontend Development, User Testing and Analytics.

In 2019 I am taking new freelance jobs – in Berlin or worldwide. Interested?

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fotograf.de product mockup

Recent project

fotograf.de logo

The last 9 years, I co-founded and worked for fotograf.de. It is a fantastic SaaS online shop system and
website building kit for photographers with tons of features. It supports thousands of photographers
to sell photos online to their clients. Not a few of them are generating their main income through the platform.
Currently, fotograf.de is operating in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Austria and many other countries.
Back then, we were 4 founders working on this idea – now we have over 50 employees and are profitable.
During the years, I worked on many projects inside of fotograf.de – always focussed on the product – solving
problems with innovative ideas and providing a remarkable User Experience. To give you an idea of it and what
we did, you can read the whole story in my blog soon…

Former clients

Before working full-time for fotograf.de, I co-founded the Solutica GmbH, an agency specialized on extensive Web Applications and Sites – and awesome clients.

More infos will follow soon…