Hi! I am David, Product Manager, UX Designer, Coder and Founder.

For more than 15 years, I create digital online services such as (mobile) web applications and responsive websites. I love to work in teams with the vision to build services that add true value and provide a stunning user experience. Through many projects and founding fotograf.de, I gained extensive technical and analytical expertise that helps me to combine requirements and feasibility in a holistic way. 

In 2019 I am taking new freelance jobs – in Berlin or worldwide.
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How I can support you


Working in cross-functional teams to create innovative concepts and digital strategies is one of the things I enjoy most. In creative sessions, we brainstorm, draw on whiteboards, discuss wireframes, do research and talk to customers – to generate ideas, how to gather information in a meaningful way, always facing the needs of the users.

UI / UX Design

In this step, I transform our ideas into visual screen designs and click dummies. For Mobile (Web) Applications, I keep Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines or Google’s Material Design in mind. Always combining simplicity and state-of-the-art design. I also often bring in designers from my network. Tools I used a lot: Sketch, Adobe XD, InVision.

Usability Testing

During the years, I performed hundreds of user tests. So I will provide you my collection of usability best practices. But of course we should also schedule individual usability tests! Why? Because “you can never be sure until it is tested”.


Once we have an advanced idea, I can support you building a working prototype. If possible I use the Framework Bootstrap. I also have extended experience with PHP, MySQL, JS (jQuery) and master HTML and CSS in my sleep.

Product Management

I worked as a product owner in an agile scrum team for several years. So I know how to cut big projects into smaller pieces, formulate tickets / user stories for developers or play planning poker to estimate the effort. I am also used to challenge the implementation ideas of the developers or finding compromises. Tools: Jira (with Dev), Asana (for project coordination)

Analytics & Testing

After the rollout, you probably want to know the results. I usually integrate Google Analytics, but I can also provide you with useful MySQL queries for custom reports. It often make sense to implement A/B Testing to determine which variation performs better – or the NPS for qualitative results. Tools I used: Crazyegg, Optimizely, Metabase and Fullstory.

In 2019 I am taking new freelance jobs – in Berlin or worldwide. Interested?

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fotograf.de logo

The last 7 years, I co-founded and worked for fotograf.de. It is a fantastic SaaS online shop system and website building kit for photographers with tons of features. By this time, it supports thousands of photographers to sell photos online to their clients. Quite a few of them are generating their main income through the platform. Currently, fotograf.de is operating mainly in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Austria. Back then, we were 4 founders working on the idea – now fotograf.de has over 50 employees. During the years, I worked on many projects – always focussed on the product, solving problems with innovative ideas and providing a remarkable User Experience. To give you an idea of it and what we did, I published some projects I worked on. In May, I stepped back and am now available for new projects.

Former clients

Before working for fotograf.de, I co-founded the Solutica GmbH, an agency specialized on extensive Web Applications and Sites – and awesome clients.