April 2022

How to match photos with orders that are already placed before

Ideation Workshops • UX Support • UI Design • Supporting POs & DEV


GotPhoto.com is a service that helps photographers sell photos to their clients. As business in the United States is growing strongly, the system had to be adapted to the new requirements. In early 2022, they asked again to support the UX team.


The project started with a short deadline of the MVP. It was about extending the prepay feature. Parents should be able to match photos with orders they have already placed before the photo day. After setting up the design system and see the potential, we decided to roll it out to the entire online shop.


Supporting the team to create ideas how the new sales method could look like – based on the requirements of the US volume photographers. The method is called PrePay+ now.
Setting up a Figma team library with a basic set of design definitions and components to work together in one file.
UI designs and a clickable prototype of the photo matching flow, basket and checkout – in collaboration with the design team.
Ideation sessions with the stakeholders on how we could introduce new upselling functionality.
Supporting the team until late 2023 as the scope of the project was growing massively.

David Bühn