August 2021

Redesign of the farmerJoe app and creating an extensive Figma Prototype

UI Design • Figma Prototyping • iOS Human Interface Guidelines


farmerJoe is a platform that connects farmers and businesses in the global food industry. In the app, you can manage fields and harvest data or communicate with partners. The goal is to enable a sustainable, future-proof agricultural economy.
I met the founders in Berlin and offered to support the team with UX & UI design.


The app is already used by many famers and the feature set is huge. However, the design and usability of the app needed a makeover.


First, we transferred the entire functionality of the current app into a Figma project. Instead of the old design, we used up-to-date components that meet the iOS human interface guidelines.
Next, we incorporated the new requirements and ideas of the stakeholders. The result was an extensive clickable prototype with realistic transitions and animations.

David Bühn