January 2023

Unlocking Efficiency in Marketing Budgeting: From Concept to Reality

Ideation • Concept • UX & UI Design • Prototyping


Louyie is a marketing planning software designed for professional marketing budget planning and cost control, aiding in making better decisions​​. It allows users to plan their marketing budgets using best-practice templates, smart automations, and integrations with other advertising platforms​​.


In this project, we started from scratch, similar to beginning on a ‚green field‘. This gave us great flexibility in the design of the Louyie marketing table and allowed for creativity and innovation in its development.


Working closely with the team, we engaged in Scribble Sessions to brainstorm concepts for the marketing table. Following these collaborative efforts, we developed a comprehensive UX & UI concept. We placed particular emphasis on the interactive functionality, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

David Bühn